Making Sure Car Maintenance Stays Current is Essential to Long-Term Value

Your car is an investment and that means you want to protect its value. After all, you've worked hard to purchase the car that you love and need. The only way to ensure that your car has a fair chance at its longevity is by staying current on regular maintenance. Of course, in order to get the car maintenance completed on a consistent and high-quality basis, you need a dealership that has state-of-the-art equipment, convenient service hours and a factory-trained staff available. That's where Niello Volvo Cars Sacramento can help you the most!

Our Volvo dealership has been a part of the Sacramento community long enough to know how to accommodate the service needs of the customer and we're proudly committed to continuing to do so. We hope that you will find our current specials for money-saving opportunities helpful too!

Check out these important services to ensure your car remains in peak condition!

Oil Change

When is the last time the engine oil was changed for your car? Contrary to popular belief, needing an oil change is not determined only by the miles that you drive, but also by the length of time since your last oil change. Although the manufacturer does provide a recommendation for changing the oil, even someone who drives their car less than the miles recommended may still need an oil change, such as someone who works from home and doesn't commute as often. As the car sits for long durations, the oil becomes aged and loses its critical nutrients over time. While the car is still safe to drive, the oil is not as pure as it needs to be to lubricate the engine parts effectively. Maintaining "clean oil" is just as important as changing the oil based on how many miles you've actually driven. If an oil change is completed on a consistent basis, there is typically even improved gas mileage!

Tire Rotation

You probably already know that your tires should be rotated on a regular basis in order to extend the lifespan of the tires. There is simply no other way to accomplish this. However, during the tire rotation process, the technician also inspects the tires for defects, wheel alignment issues and potential punctures, such as nails or glass. He or she may even recommend rebalancing the tires if they've noticed shaking while road testing your car. Therefore, it's best to schedule a tire rotation consistently, as you get so much more for such basic maintenance. Tire rotations are also essential for maintaining a comfortable ride!

Brake Repair

Typically, when your car needs new brakes, there will be certain signs, such as squeaking or grinding noises, or the brake pedal becomes low. These signs are very common and expected, due to normal wear and tear. Most often, normal wear and tear requires the brake lining to be replaced and resurfacing the brake rotors or replacing them altogether. However, if there is pulling from one side to the other when applying the brake pedal, there may be a more serious problem. Do not hesitate to have your brake repairs completed, because it can be costly if not done timely. We recommend an annual brake inspection to ensure the quality and safety of the entire brake system.

Car Battery Maintenance

Having battery maintenance on a regular basis provides you with confidence that your engine will start. There isn't anything worse than a dead battery. It can not only be a major inconvenience, but it can also cost you time away from work or even cause you to become stranded. Battery maintenance ensures that there is enough electrical current remaining in the battery by using a computerized battery tester. Additionally, the technician will inspect the battery terminals and cables, as well as clean those connections and remove acid corrosion, if necessary. And, if your battery needs replacing, we have them in stock right on the premises!

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