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Volvo XC90: What's New for 2021?

Since the XC90 received a refresh in 2020, Volvo only made minor changes to its three-row luxury SUV for 2021. Most of these revisions involve added standard tech features, but the XC90's plug-in-hybrid powertrain was renamed "Recharge". There's also a newly available Savile Grey metallic exterior color and the XC90's R-Redesign trim now has a new gloss-black grille.


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Newly Standard Tech Features

You won't have to worry about your cellphone, tablet, or other device running out of charge with the 2021 Volvo XC90. Each trim now comes standard with a wireless charging pad. Backseat passengers can stay connected because the XC90 comes with two USB-C ports on the back of the center console. You'll enjoy better sound from the XC90's Bowers & Wilkins sound system, which has improved speaker cones. Sacramento drivers who want better night visibility will like that the XC90 now comes with high-pressure headlight washers that keep their headlights clean.

More Advanced Active Safety Features

You expect Volvo vehicles to be safe, but Volvo gave the XC90 more standard driver assistance technology for 2021 to make you feel even more secure. Each XC90 model now comes with:

  • Front parking sensors
  • Adaptive LED headlights
  • Volvo's Care Key
The XC90's adaptive headlights swivel as you turn the steering wheel for better illumination around curves. With Volvo's Care Key, you can set limits on the XC90's top speed before younger family members drive it. The XC90's front parking sensors warn you about any obstructions in your path when you have limited space in front of the vehicle.

Scandinavian Design

One thing that makes the Volvo XC90 special is its Scandinavian design, which could make it stand out from the rest of the vehicles around Davis.

This design blends power and elegance in one vehicle using two interesting design tricks, which are:

  • Upright Grille
  • Shoulder Line

The upright grille along with its distinctive shoulder line is what makes this SUV. You get a vehicle that makes you feel like you can conquer the road and do so with a little flair. Knowing this should make it easier for you to choose or at least come down and take a test drive with one of our salespeople, but there is more to learn.


Another aspect of the Volvo XC90 worth talking about are safety features. The automaker has obviously dedicated a lot of time to figuring out how to provide a vehicle that gives drivers the kind of safety they deserve.

One way this vehicle is doing this is with its automatic braking system that actually stops the XC90 if there is a pedestrian or another vehicle in front of it, and the driver has not stopped him or herself.

The vehicle also comes with blind spot detection technology. Most of the technology within the XC90 is linked to safety. This system warns you when there is a vehicle you cannot see in your blind spot, making it easier to stay safe when switching lanes. Keep in mind that the system will safely move your vehicle if it detects that you are still moving towards the vehicle in your blind spot.


Another aspect of the XC90 worth pointing out is its performance. A lot of people around Elk Grove love this vehicle because it can meet their needs.

For example, the regular model can give you between 26 to 30 miles per gallon, but you can also opt for the hybrid option that offers up to 63 miles per gallon.

The smallest trims can sit up to four people with no problems, but the larger trims can sit up to seven people. If you know you will be traveling with a lot of people, then your best bet may be the seven seater.

The XC90 is also pretty powerful, giving its driver up to 400 in horsepower. That is a lot of speed and power; if you ever need to move something, then this vehicle has got you covered. You can come on down and test this vehicle to see how powerful this Volvo feels when you drive it.


The technology in the XC90 is pretty impressive. You already know all about the safety features connected to the technology in this vehicle, but there is more to it.

For one, this Volvo is ready to be linked to any smart device so you can answer a phone call via the vehicle's speakers.

You should also be happy to see that the XC90 comes with smart device holders you can use to secure your devices and have passengers or your family watch their show or movie as you drive around Roseville.

The speakers are also great to experience since they are top-of-the-line and should offer crisp sound. You can test out how good these speakers are by coming down for a test drive. We promise you can choose the station so that you can listen to kind of music you like and see how your music is going to sound on the Volvo's sound system.


Which Volvo XC90 Is Right for You at Niello Volvo Cars Sacramento

We at Niello Volvo Cars Sacramento are very eager to help you decide on the right vehicle for you and your lifestyle. We have a great selection of models coming your way, and we are totally eager to help you make the best choice when it comes to the Volvo XC90. This incredible vehicle is a one of a kind model that will help you to reach peak adventure and excitement. With both a six seater configuration and a seven seater configuration, we know that you can drive off in confidence that you have made the right choice. We welcome the Sacramento and Davis, CA residents to check out all that this beauty has to offer.

The Volvo XC90 with Six Seats

One version of the Volvo XC90 is the six seater version. This version of the vehicle shows off with seating for up to six people. With second row captain's chairs you will be able to enjoy a more expansive space to enjoy. We will mention that the T5 engine option is not available in the six seater version of this vehicle.

The Volvo XC90 with Seven Seats

This version of the vehicle offers up with an extra seat for your space and comfort. This vehicle model gets great gas mileage and still offers up with an incredible amount of head and legroom for you to enjoy. With total comfort on every level, we are certain that you can remain comfortable and collected throughout every drive.

Check Out the Trim Level Options that the Volvo XC90 Offers Up

We at Niello Volvo Cars Sacramento are very excited to be able to show off the incredible Volvo XC90. This exciting model shows off with style, panache, and of course undeniable performance. With all of that you really can't go wrong. We wanted to take a moment to show off the incredible trim levels that this beauty offers up with, and to help you better narrow down which trim might be right for you.


The first trim level is the Momentum trim. This beauty shows off with 19-inch wheels, LED lighting and of course a panoramic sunroof. This beauty also gets roof rails, a power tailgate and heated water nozzles. Finally, with power front seating, you'll remain infinitely in control.


The next trim to check out is the R-Design trim level. This trim level gives you access to an impressive sporty look and sporty performance. You can enjoy 20-inch wheels, as well as different interior design elements. Enjoy front parking sensors, paddle shifters and ambient lighting as well. Finally, you get premium leather upholstery to give you ultimate comfort and style.


The final trim level that you get to experience through this incredible model is the Inscription trim level. This trim level offers up with a unique wheel, and unique interior and exterior designs. You can also look forward to power cushion extension, and side support and ventilation. Finally, you can enjoy upgraded leather upholstery all around.

We at Niello Cars Sacramento are very happy to help you find the perfect model. We know that the Volvo XC90 has a ton to show off, and we are very eager to help you wrap your head around the many options. Reach out to us today to schedule a test drive or fin out more.

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